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My Name is Julio C Caba. And I have used personal motivation to overcome and succeed. It is amazing what the human mind can accomplish. My story shows the ability we all have with in and it is my mission to use this story to motivate people and show anything is possible. I was raised in one of the worst neighborhoods in New York, Washington Heights. Drugs and crime became an everyday part of life. Even my teachers would tell me I would either be dead or in jail by the time I reached the age of 18. Believing in that narrative, I became that person and I dropped out of high school at the age of 16 and had my first child. By the time I reached the age of 18, I fathered three children. Uneducated and unemployable things became even more complicated when the mother of my children left us. Leaving me to become a single father of three. As it was difficult for me to cope with this we became homeless and hope felt like a luxury we would be unable to afford. With no job, no opportunity, no home, and no education, I wanted to end it all. You see, I thought t​his was the end…but I soon realized my life was just getting started.

Now I am a PhD student and own several businesses I also found love as I share my life with my best friend for 15 years. The three kids that lost mom and domed to fail, are now in college and living a great life. . Now, I tour the country spreading the story and sharing hope.. Welcome to my life and I hope it can help you succeed.

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It is my passion to motivate others.

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Speaker Training

Having a story can help you build a career and help others. As an experiences motivational speaker I can show you how to get started. It is my mission to help others succeed and build a career. Contact me for a quote on building your new career. Courses can beheld in person or virtually. Its time to build your brand! I will help you build your story and market your brand. Contact for a quote.

Motivational Speaking

Let me motivate your audience. I use passion, humor, and realism to get the message that anything is possible across in corporate events. I engage the crowd in a high energy roller coaster that will leave your audience talking! 

Tales of an Underdog

This motivational story can show you what is possible when you find your purpose in life. As a homeless single father of three with no education and no employment history, who could have ever thought my life would become an example of making it and overcoming? Take a journey into a tale of a family that found success.

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