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By the age of 21, he was left alone to raise three children. With no education, homeless, and unemployable his life was in distressed. This coupled with the fact that he was raised in one of the toughest and poorest neighborhoods in New York, made resources scarce leaving him and the children in the street. One night believing that leaving this life would benefit the children, he looked out into the balcony and took his last breath. But, someone was not ready for him to leave as that night showed him that life was not over…It was just getting started. Check out the speeches to choose from!

Current Background

My name is Julio C Caba and I would love to motivate your audience. Currently, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a master’s degree in Organizational Management, and finishing my Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology. I own several businesses including a mental health clinic. This was not always my life!

I dropped out of High School at the age of 15 and fathered my first child at sixteen. By the age of 21, I was a single homeless father of three as the mother left us. Understanding that only I can change the situation we found ourselves in I went back to school to get the tools I needed to succeed. This story shows the true abilities we have as humans. I use this story in different ways depending on the message you would like to convey to your audience.

It is my mission in life to help others succeed. Let me take your audience on an experience they will not forget. I use humor, realism, knowledge, and acting to put on a show for your audience. This can be tailored to your event and coupled with your message to create a great show. Let me quote your event and I will send all my profiles for your viewing. Below, you will find the speeches you can choose form. Thank you for your time and I hope to speak to you again.

The Underdog story from the book Tales of an Underdog: Purpose, commitment, courage!

This is a story of overcoming and thriving in the face of adversities. The story shows the limitless power of purpose, commitment , and courage. Motivating the audience by reminding them that life is what you make f it! Julio C Caba has used this story to motivate corporations, non-for-profits, and community events.

Raised in some of the worse streets Julio C Caba was always told by the age of 18 statistically he would either end up in jail or dead. Living in severe poverty he Followed this narrative and little opportunity Julio fell into a negative life. By the age of 18 he dropped out of High School and fathered three children. Uneducated, unemployable, and hopeless the mother of the children left the three kids with Julio making him a single father. This lead the family of four to become homeless as they battle hunger. With no way out Julio C Caba believed the best solution for the children was to end his life. As he looked over the 5th floor balcony and counted down to his last breath he was awakened as his purpose was revealed.

Now! He owns several businesses and has earned several degrees. Currently holding a Bachelors, Masters and working on his Ph.D degrees. The kids have moved on to college and working as productive members of society. Book to listen to the full story with humor, drama, passion, and interaction.

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Pledge of a cheerleader:

 The brightest light in the darkest hour!

This speech thanks those that help communities and make a difference in other peoples lives. The speech is great for fundraising, non-for-profits, Therapist organization, mentors and more. During the time Julio Caba was at his lowest point programs and others (cheerleader) gave him the support needed to succeed. This speech shows how important cheerleaders are in the lives of those who need support. Using his story of being a lost single homeless father that considered ending it all to communicate the importance of people helping people. The speech gives examples of how these support structures lead Julio C Caba and his kids to success. The speech is filled with humor, emotions, powerful stories, and interaction.

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Change starts with the letter I:

20 principles of thrive!

Going from a hopeless, unemployable, and uneducated single homeless father to a PhD candidate, owner of multiple businesses, and successful family took core principles to make it happen. This speech details the principles which got Julio C Caba where he needed to be. These principles use Julio's story as examples of the use of the principles and show how anything is possible. This is a great speech that teaches the audiences how they can overcome adversities and break through barriers. These 15 principles have been used and proved and can help change lives. Julio uses humor to get the story across and allows for questions.

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Build a leader/team:

 Leader and team interactive challenge 

Leadership and team building is a vital part of organizational efficiency. Leaders need to understand how to best lead its followers in order to maximize the organizations resources. This is why we offer a build a leader/team challenge that will use games, leadership theory, motivational speaking, and fun to show employees the difference between two types of leadership styles and how they can improve the organizations leadership process and team cohesion. Julio C Caba uses his industrial Organizational psychology training, motivational speaking experience , and organizational leadership experience to teach your employees..

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The Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, I have been able to open and help open many small businesses using the same formula over and over. This formula has been able to be applied to many industries such as insurance, mental health, clothing, car dealers and more. This speech includes some of the struggles I have had and how business saved my life. Using real experiences mixed with knowledge, education, and interaction. This is a high-energy speech that can also be considered a training.

• Humor

• Experiences

• Stories

• Realism

• The lifestyle of entrepreneur

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Follow the leader:

Leadership theories and styles 

Leadership cannot be effective without commitments from its followers. Julio is currently working on his PhD in Industrial organizational psychology and has been working on  his dissertation about leadership. Over a 100 case studies later he can teach your organizational leaders some of the best leadership styles and theories that work. This speech will assist your team in creating leadership strategies that work.


        Transformational Leadership

Transactional Leadership

Path goal theory


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Let's get real!

Let's get real

In life, many situations happen that make you laugh. This is a comedy loaded speech in which real life situations from my story is combined with raw comedy. It is a perfect way to entertain your audience while still motivating them. This is a raw and unfiltered show which contain harsh language. This is perfect for cooperate events and parties.



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